Library Department




 Masii Boys Secondary School opened its doors for students way back 1965.  It was a mixed School and its Library was opened in 1966.  A room was erected to serve temporarily for storing Library Books.  Well wishers donated some of the books and also students came with some of their books.  By the year 1978 Mr. Eluid Mcharo the head teacher, came up with a proposal that a Library be constructed to serve growing population of the students.   He set the pace but was transferred soon before effecting this to another school in 1979.  Mr. Sammy Kyungu took over in the year 1979 who bought more books strengthening the vision of Mr. Eluid Mcharo.  Mr. Sammy Kyungu left in the year 1983 and Mr. Simon Kavisi now was the Deputy Secretary (administration) T.S.C took over and constructed the current school library in the year 1987.  It was officially opened by Mr. Jackson Kang’ali, then the secretary T.S.C on 15/10/1994.  Other Principals who helped library to grow were;- D. Mutuku, D.N Nguli, T.W Masika, O.M Muling, J.M Musyoka.  Due to lack of enough rooms, teachers were allowed to occupy the School Library reading section.  In the year 2010, the H.O.D Library Mr. Charles Mutava wrote a proposal to move the teachers from the Library building and then equip the Library which was accepted by the administration.  Mr. Francis Muthusi the current Principal took the proposal and eventually equipped the Library Reading section with modern furniture.  Students are now enjoying using the library with a seating capacity of around a hundred students.  Currently, the library serves over 900 students.  It has a collection of 6,000 books and other literature such as periodicals, geographical sources, annuals government publications, encyclopedia, directories, dictionaries, serials, teaching aids (visual and audio tapes) e.t.c.